What Are The Best
Option Trading Books?

Best option trading books?-- tough question. If you're seriously interested in options trading, I can recommend Option Volatility and Pricing. Of course, no one can name the "best book". However, this one's pretty darn good.

Read: Option Volatility & Pricing: Advanced Trading Strategies and Techniques

Option Volatility and Pricing
by: Sheldon Natenberg

Book Review:

Option Volatility and Pricing has been called the “bible of options trading”. For the most part, I think I would have to agree.

However, some of the information presented in this book may be difficult for the absolute beginner.

Option Volatility and Pricing, covers some of the basics, but quickly gets into information that I would call intermediate level or higher.

For example, the second chapter titled “elementary strategies” is only 10 pages long. If you’re completely new to options trading, this may not be the best choice for your first read.

Something like by Guy Cohen, or perhaps: by Michael Thomsett, may be better starter books. However, read Natenberg's book second!

For me the book reads a bit like a “textbook”. However, given the type of material Natenberg covers, I think he does a great job of keeping it practical and readable.

This is not an “insane math book” that focuses solely on mathematical theories.

The author covers enough of the “math” aspect for one to gain an appreciation of its complexity. However, you will be able to apply many of the things you learn in this book.

In fact, some of the information he presents about standard deviation I use almost daily.


Natenberg does a nice job of covering many of the different strategies that can be used in the options market. He also provides risk considerations and adjustment ideas. This is a well written book that will become an "options trading classic". (I think it already is considered a "classic".)

If you’re serious about options trading, this would be a nice book to own. I have a personal copy that I keep in my desk for reference. I look forward to writing more reviews about option trading books in the future! Hopefully they are helpful!

Read: Option Volatility & Pricing: Advanced Trading Strategies and Techniques

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